Muzeum Ziemi


Amber – Poland and the World

We proudly present the ninth permanent exhibition dedicated to amber in the premises of the Polish Academy of Sciences Museum of the Earth. This time, attention was paid to the distribution of amber and other fossil resins in Poland and in the world. Apart from specimens illustrating the richness of amber varieties and remarkable world of inclusions (animal and plant), we also present research interpretations on the genesis of amber and reconstruction of the amber forest. By means of raw materials from Sambia (Russia), Ukraine and Bitterfeld (Germany) as well as secondary deposits of the Baltic Sea shoreline, it has been identified where amber deposits were made at least 40 million years ago, where it can be found in Poland and why exactly there.

The section dedicated to the use of amber presents variety of its types, amber processing techniques and products related to folk medicine and traditional beliefs. A special component of the exhibition are fossil resins from all over the world (different from Baltic amber), which nowhere else in Poland – apart from the Museum of the Earth – can be admired in such diversity.