Muzeum Ziemi


Rock and mineral collections

Rock and mineral collections contain specimens from both the Polish territory and different parts of the world. The most important is the collection of minerals from Poland, arranged in systematic as well as regional structure, creating representative and complete assortment of minerals occurring within the Polish territory. Collections of domestic rocks are mainly regional in character, presenting the most important geological units. Collections of rocks and minerals from various parts of the world encompass specimens of high mineralogical value due to their scarcity or exceptional form of occurrence. These play a crucial role in illustrating the differentiated occurrence of mineral deposits in the Earth’s crust.

Our collection of meteorites and tektites certainly deserves a special attention. It contains the most numerous set of Pułtusk meteorite, including the largest fragment in Polish museums (8100 g), as well as and unique meteorites: Łowicz, Świecie and Białystok. Considering the aspect of meteorite origin, the collection presented in our museum can be considered complete. It contains objects from the asteroid belt as well as from the Mars and the Moon.

Additionally, two collections, of exceptional character: “Building Stones of Poland” and “Monumental Erratic Boulders” are permanently exposed as open-air exhibitions.