Muzeum Ziemi


Visit us and discover the natural treasures of our planet!

The Museum of the Earth gathers, studies, preserves and exhibits collections covering all the geological sciences, with special regard to Polish minerals, meteorites and rocks, Baltic amber, fossil flora and fauna and archival documents on the history of the Earth sciences in Poland. Its staff carries out scientific studies concerning these collections and popularizes the Earth sciences.

The museum’s collection comprises over 180,000 specimens and objects. Particularly noteworthy is its extensive collection of amber and other fossil resins, ranking among the largest natural science collections of such type worldwide. The museum’s interdisciplinary research programme and documentary work (i.e. palaeobotany, palaeozoology, mineralogy – especially amber studies, preservation of geological heritage, history of the Earth sciences and museology) is closely linked to the varied profile of specimen collections and is open to specialists from both domestic and foreign centres.

The Museum of the Earth organizes permanent, temporary and travelling exhibitions, which play a significant educational and public relations role.