Muzeum Ziemi


Rocks and sands. Photographs from seven continents

Temporary Exhibition from the cycle Nature Art

Andreas Hürlimann

June 5 – July 22, 2018

Andreas Hürlimann has been photographing rock formations for over 40 years, in search for places of unique beauty across all the continents of the globe. Our exposition features over 50 photographs, representing the most characteristic features for the artist’s style. They have been created between years 2008-2018.

The author focuses on specific motives of extraordinary artistic value. These motifs, while captured by the lens of a camera, become unique paintings, interpretable by the language of art. Most photographs feature scrupulously selected fragments of rock textures, sand surfaces, or post-volcanic and glacier terrain, rich in both colour and value. The remarkable shapes and effusions of pigmentary tones are dominated by the colours directed only by the light extracting the ductile forms of nature.

Therefore, the photographs of Andreas Hürlimann constitute a picture of reality captured by the eye of the camera lens, extremely sensitive to the artist’s beauty. This ability to detect an extraordinary, sometimes very short moment, can be defined as an impressionist experience of the  creator, an interpretation of the realistic nature through the language of art. The work of Andreas Hürlimann also involves whole series, however they do not include the same pictures, although some of the locations reappear. The entirety of his work can be found at the website:

The arrangement of  the exposition in the Museum of the Earth is unique in its nature. Many examples depicted on Andreas Hürlimann’s photographs, can be found in the museum’s rock collection. The confrontation of beautiful, incredibly pictorial photographic motifs with real objects, helps the viewer to notice a different dimension of these forms and to understand the artistic vision of the author.

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