Muzeum Ziemi


Collection of amber and other fossil resins

Our collection occupies a special position, among this kind of collections in the world, as it presents an exceptional scientific value and very high expositional quality. It contains more than 26 000 specimens, belonging to the largest natural collections of fossil resins in the world. For scientific studies the most important are both, the regional collection of Baltic amber and other fossil resins originating from various parts of the world as well as collection of organic – mostly animal – inclusions. Among them there are numerous holotypes – specimens described for the first time in scientific literature. For comparative studies recent resins and amber imitations are being collected.

However, amber is appealing not only to researchers. In Poland there is an old tradition of using this mineral in popular and decorative art. Therefore, products made of amber are also collected in our premises.

It is the drawing attention power of amber that opens up unlimited opportunities for popularizing numerous issues of natural sciences.